#1 Rated Women Stylish Leggings

Leggings. They’re comfy. They’re cute. They’re versatile…You can work out in them. You can hang out in them….You can dress them up. You can dress them down…Seriously, what’s not to love? At Modern Essentials Plus we truly believe that buying your perfect pair of leggings should be stress-free and fun, right? After all, leggings are such an essential staple in every women’s wardrobe, so why shouldn’t the process be easy? And yet…somehow…for some reason…it’s become so unbelievably hard to find a good, reliable brand that produces quality leggings at an affordable price! 
Seriously! Has this ever happened to you? You’re scrolling online and you find a pair of leggings in a cute print for a good price. You click “Add to Cart” and can’t wait for them to come in! Except…of course…until they do actually come in and they are made of cheap, thin fabric! The material is rough, the stitching is never going to last, and the fabric is so thin you won’t even be able to wear your leggings out in public without feeling self-conscious that everyone can see EVERYTHING. It’s THE WORST! We’ve been there and done that…and we’re NOT trying to do that ever again!
Or, maybe, you’re not an online shopping person so you went out to the mall and fell in love with a PERFECT pair of leggings. They feel great, they look great, what’s not to love?! That is, until, you look at the price tag! Since when did leggings need to become a $50+ investment? Why does comfy and stylish have to be so darn expensive?!
Well, you can stop those negative vibes right there. We feel you and your legging struggle, and that’s why we made www.modernessentialsplus.com. Modern Essentials Plus was created to FINALLY be your one stop essentials shop. Not only are our women’s leggings cute, not only are they comfortable, not only are they amazing quality, but they are affordable and will be delivered right to your doorstep, without you ever having to step foot outside your house. Sounds amazing, right? For once and for all, finding your go to pair of leggings is easy and reliable!
And, not only have we made the buying process stress-free and dependable, but unlike so many of our competitors, we’ve got such a broad selection, there’s *no way* you won’t find a pair of women’s leggings that you won’t be OBSESSED WITH! Whether you’re a working women looking for perfect, slimming workout leggings for yourself, or if you’re shopping for your daughter and you want something fresh, young, and exciting, we have the range of sizes, styles, designs, and fits to accommodate every woman and girl of every age group. From leggings that perfectly sculpt and lift your behind, to fun patterns, to classic and chic solids, we truly have got it all. And most importantly, at Modern Essentials Plus, not only do we design for all shapes and sizes, but we also provide you with a custom sizing chart, so YOU KNOW you’ll leggings will look great and feel great.
Alright, so that all sounds awesome, but now we know what you’re thinking: “When you say affordable…just how affordable are we talking?” Believe it or not, over half of our inventory is 50% off! Don’t believe it? Go to www.modernessentialsplus.com right now and see for yourself! We pride ourselves on making great products that are accessible to everyone, so please take comfort in knowing that when you visit Modern Essentials Plus, you’ll never have to think twice about quality or affordability. Our number one goal is to make make you happy and we’re 100% dedicated to it.
So, thanks for taking the time to get to know Modern Essentials Plus and our AWESOME line of women’s leggings. We truly appreciate it! And of course, keep checking back to keep an eye on our new stock and new products. We’re constantly adding new inventory and new stylish leggings, so be sure to give us a visit whenever your wardrobe needs an essential refresh!


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